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Stump Grinding

Following on from the removal of a tree, the stump often needs reducing further to below ground level. We are able to do this using a Stump Grinder as shown in the pictures below.

Stumps may be different sizes. Our machine is able to work on stumps up to 3ft in diameter.

Stump Removal will allow you to reclaim areas grass or plant a flowerbed, you will totally cover the area that the tree and stump were located previously.

“I found the details for Ken Hogan via the internet and was very pleased that he came around to quote for the job on the same day. He turned up on the arranged day to do the work and I was extremely happy with the result. I found him and John to be exceptionally thorough and professional and the four trees blocking the light and TV signal in my garden were felled and cut into logs very efficiently. My wife is delighted that the TV works again and the garden looks much better without the conifer trees blocking the light and view. I will use their service again if I need more work on the trees and hedges in my garden.”

Nick & Debbie Coffey

Withleigh, Tiverton, Devon

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding in Mid Devon

Stump Grinding at end of job

Stump Grinding in Devon