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Strimming, Grass Cutting & Site Clearance

Strimming, grass cutting and site clearance are other services that we provide to help you manage areas of gardens and land that have become overgrown or need regular maintenance.

We have a range of specialised strimming and cutting equipment, which allows us to work on steep banks, large gardens, grass lands and rough terrain. Areas overrun by bramble, nettles and wild plants can be cleared safely.

We would check the area for wild life and obstacles prior to work, making sure that no damage is incurred to property, people or animals. We would also check for invasive species such as Japanese Knot Weed and Giant Hog Weed.

Ken cleared the garden and removed 3 large conifer trees. The job was carried out efficiently and it was a pleasure to have Ken working with us. Great job done, we now have a garden for our patrons.

Linda Voaden

The Old Malt Scoop, Lapford

Site Clearance - Before

Neglected and overgrown beer garden, Lapford, Crediton, Devon

Site Clearance - During

Site vegetation cleared, conifer trees to be felled, Lapford, Crediton, Devon

Site Clearance - After

The new beer garden at The Old Malt Scoop, Lapford, Crediton, Devon