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As a tree ages it naturally produces dead or dying wood. During the deadwooding process, we remove both the dead, dying and diseased branches on the tree. This allows the area known as the impact area, directly beneath the tree, to be made safe from falling limbs.

While this work is being carried out, it may also be necessary to Crown Reduce the tree to allow for the future growth of new limbs, reducing the main crown by up to 30%. Within confined area, we would often use rigging to prevent damage to surrounding obstacles, including buildings. We carry out a comprehensive risk assessment prior to any work.

Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions, Felling Licences or Restrictive Covenants legally protects many trees in the UK.

Anyone wishing to undertake work to a tree should make suitable enquiries as to the legal status of the tree and any protection afforded to it, before undertaking any work, in order to protect themselves and others from possible prosecutions or enforcement action. We are happy to ensure that all enquiries are made with the local authority to ensure work carried out on your property satisfies the relevant bodies.

“Thank you, everyone is singing your praises. I would certainly recommend you. Thank you so much for a quick response and taking on a challenging days work – a rare breed – we need more Ken’s. Thank you for all your hard work”

Steph Diamond

Uffculme, Devon

Damaged/dead limbs over hanging the carriageway, Pennymoor, Devon

Hazardous dead limb, Cruwys Morchard, Devon

The landowner was concerned about this dead limb which we removed and made safe, Witheridge, Devon